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Explo­ration drilling

Drilling rig sys­tem for extreme rugged con­di­tions

Ram­ming rotary
drilling rig

Drilling rigs for robust require­ments Our RDBS series pile dri­ving rigs Scheitza are per­fectly matched drilling rigs for soil explo­ration or well construction. No mat­ter whether with our ECO pile ham­mer , rope core equip­ment, Imm­lochham­mer or dry drilling, these uni­ver­sal drilling rigs can per­form any drilling method eco­nom­i­cally.
Core drilling

Rotary drilling

Core drilling. Our DBS series rotary drilling rigs Scheitza are exactly tuned drilling rigs for core drilling. High rota­tional speeds of the KDK’s deter­mine the char­ac­ter­is­tics of the drilling rig, a high pres­sure pis­ton pump com­ple­ments the machine.
Soil inves­ti­ga­tion rigs

Pile dri­ving
drilling rig

Fully hydraulic pile-dri­ven core drilling rig type RZBS 1.5 mounted on a crawler under­car­riage with auto­matic pulling unit.
Spe­cial projects

Explo­ration drilling

EBS 250 — 1000