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Drilling plant

At the Velden/Vils location, we manufacture the most modern drilling rig technology according to the latest standards.
We not only offer drilling equipment specif­i­cally for your appli­cation, but also produce an individual complete system that also includes the production of drilling acces­sories and our ram hammer.
Our vertical/universal drilling rigs of the RDBS type are mainly used in the areas of well construction, geothermal energy, exploratory drilling and explosive ordnance explo­ration drilling. However, these are also ideal for dry drilling with casing, cable percussion drilling with casing, suction drilling and core drilling, as well as drilling with endless or hollow augers.
During production, we incor­porate our wealth of knowledge and experience, which stretches over three gener­a­tions, so that you can achieve the best possible results with our devices. Personal support and customer proximity are very important to us! 
Explore the Features 

Environ­mental engineering
plant construction 

The department for environ­mental plant construction at Botec-Scheitza GmbH has specialized in pipeline plant construction.
The range of services includes pipeline and plant construction in steel and stainless steel. Our range of services:
You provide us with the speci­fi­ca­tions (= R&I flow chart).
The first step is the pre-engineering, where we check the workmanship.
Next comes the basic engineering, i.e. the draft installation.
We then take care of the detailed engineering, which includes the detailed 3D planning. 
  • Plant construction and engineering
  • Filter separation technology
  • Well head and risers

Our fields of application

  • Food
  • Municipal waste­water
  • Sewage sludge
  • Slurry treatment
  • Recycling
  • Drilling technology
  • Plastic
  • Mineral
  • Mining industry
  • uvm.



Special civil engineering 

Filter separation technology 

Explo­ration drilling 

Well head and risers 

Well and geothermal energy 

Drilling accessories 

Plant construction and engineering 

Transport equipment 

Mining decline

We offer mining accep­tance tests in accor­dance with Section 39 BayBergV and systematic tests in accor­dance with Section 4 Paragraph 1 BayBergv on drilling rigs from the manufac­turer Botec-Scheitza GmbH with a maximum permis­sible load of the pull and push system of 500 kN in our company or at your depot. Andreas Scheitza has been a recog­nized expert according to §23a ABBergV since 2019.
After the 1‑year internship with Hubert Bogumil, the subse­quent exami­nation at the Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Regional Devel­opment and Energy (StMWi) followed. 


  • Initial inspection of drilling rigs UVV +
  • Mining inspection Recurring mining inspection every 4 years
  • Repair/modification of your drilling rig with subse­quent mining approval